Things you need to know about your Just Drive Rental:

  1. In the event of an accident, you acknowledge that the comprehensive and collision insurance you have provided is the primary insurance for any claims while the vehicle is under the rental agreement.

  2. The vehicle you are renting has a full fuel tank.  In the event you return with less than full, you acknowledge that you will be charged a flat $60 refueling fee.

  3. The vehicle you are renting is free of physical damage and cosmetic imperfections. You acknowledge that anything beyond $100 in repair costs, you will be charged the necessary amount to repair damage.   All of which would be communicated to you prior to a collection of payment.

  4. Smoking of any kind is prohibited.  If there is evidence of interior odor of smoke lingering after the rental is over, a flat $599 fee will be charged.

  5. Anything over 2000 miles driven or 30 days requires prior approval, and is assessed fees of $0.15 per mile over the allowed amount.

  6. You acknowledge that if any accessories were added as per the terms of the requested rental are damaged, you will be charged full retail value as a replacement fee.

  7. Upon your return to our offices, you acknowledge that you must check-in the Lee's Summit Subaru Service department and wait until a service advisor clears your rental return with a physical inspection of condition, miles, and fuel level.

  8. You acknowledge that any late return that is not communicated in advance, you will be charged the necessary fees in accordance to your rental rates.

  9. You acknowledge that your rental fees associated with your rental agreement are charged upfront and by signing below you are authorizing any additional charges required to collect what is necessary if any of the items listed above occur.