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You should be aware of exactly what your manufacturer is required to warranty.

The same verbiage has been used in every Manufacturer's owner manual that has ever been published when stating the factory warranty limitations.
Don't take our word for it. Pull out your owner's manual and you will find this:

"Factory warranty is limited to defects in manufacturer parts and installation only"



Everything is a "Wear Item". But are they covered?

All warranties have a ton of limitations and being that most new vehicle's defects are found in the first few years of ownership, warranties are a great fit for new cars. This leaves "gray areas" however for items that fail for other reasons beyond the factory warranty. This is where "wear item" enters the conversation and confusion ensues. Every single part of a vehicle is technically a "wear item". Most people get this term confused with maintenance items. Maintenance items are maintenance items. All things will eventually "wear out" So if you are extending the factory warranty, you are extending the same limitations. This defeats the whole purpose of the coverage! We do not want to extend those same limitations as the vehicle gains more time and miles and summers and winters. As it states, the factory warranty is limited to defects only - you need coverage that protects your vehicle in the event a covered item fails because of wear. This is why you want an Extended Service Agreement

This is why you need an Extended Service Agreement

An Extended Service Agreement makes protecting you against the high cost of repairs easy and affordable. The same limitations that are on a factory warranty, is not on an Extended Service Agreement. In fact, the best Extended Service Agreement policies only state what they don't cover! The average vehicle has over 20,000 moving components. Take a look at the brochure below to view our exclusions. This way, if it is not listed - it is covered!

…the best Extended Service Agreement policies only state what they don't cover! This way, if it is not listed - it is covered!

There are other Extended Service Agreement coverage options that will list out parts that will be covered. Otherwise known as "stated component coverage", or "inclusionary coverage". Not to be confused with "exclusionary coverage" that operates only off of a list that states what is not covered, as described above.

Still rolling the dice against the engineers?

There is a lot going on when you purchase a vehicle, and sometimes these details are missed thus resulting in a declination to the dealer when offered the Extended Service Agreement. So if you are driving around thinking that Mother Nature will ignore all of the computers that your vehicle relies on to transport you and your family, please get a quote from one of the three easy ways to work into your budget first. If not, then our service department and $135 per hour technicians are on standby to handle all of your service and repair needs.

Make sure you are covered!