How To Turn In A Vehicle Lease


Here's What You Need to Know About turning In Your Lease.

Can you hear the clock ticking on your vehicle's lease? It can be a stressful time because the turn-in process is an extensive one. There is an array of fulfillment-requirements for you to successfully satisfy your end of the contract. If those expectations aren't met, you could be open to various penalty fees and other headaches. But you don't need to beat yourself up over this process because it can be made relatively pain-free. You just need to be prepared. As such, we're providing a guide on how to turn in your leased automobile. Furthermore, we also wanted to let you know that at Lee's Summit Subaru, we accept turn-ins of all makes and models, not only Subarus.

Start the Process ASAP

The most foolproof way of ensuring a seamless turn-in process is to prep yourself a few months in advance.

For one thing, double-check that you haven't driven over your contracted mileage allowance. Afterward, read through your 'Wear and Use' Guide to see if there will be any extra charges due to accumulated damage since you've been driving the vehicle.

Another pressing matter is scheduling an appointment at least 45 days before the end of your lease to see if there are any potential issues. In fact, we offer a complimentary pre-inspection that you can book online.

The above practice will give you ample time to deal with any blemishes or mechanical problems. With our pre-inspection 'Wear and Use' condition report, you'll know what repairs to make to reduce any end-of-term liability. For instance, all tires must have at least 1/8th inch tread at the lowest point.

It'll be pertinent to contact your retailer, depending on the amount of damage that's compiled throughout your lease. They might be contractually bound to cover specific repairs. Then, even if the fixes aren't covered, find an authorized repair center and provide us with the receipt.

So that you're ready to get into a new car as fast as possible, peruse over new vehicles that you wish to test drive.

It's worth mentioning that you can contact us if you wish for an extension or need more time.

What Should you Do Right Before Your Vehicle Lease Turn-In Time?

Right before your contract ends, you must contact your originating retailer to schedule your lease turn-in. Also, double-check the contract to ensure that you won't be charged an early turn-in fee.

You'll likely need to meet state license/registration requirement. Therefore, you must contact your retailer or DMV to get those requirements verified.

On a closing note for this section, use this checklist to adequately prepare your vehicle for turn-in:

  • Clear the vehicle of your personal items
  • Hand in all keys to the vehicle
  • If the vehicle has an internal interface, clear all personal digital information
  • Return anything that came with your car (e.g., owner's manuals, cargo covers, removable seats, headphones, navigation systems/SD cards, spare tires/tools)

With all of this being proactively handled, you won't panic with a couple of weeks left on your lease.

Now it's Vehicle Lease Turn-In Day.

If you've followed our directions so far, you're officially prepared for the most painless vehicle turn-in imaginable. You're almost at the finish line and must only perform a few more vital tasks.

Namely, we'll need your completed odometer statement, and you must contact us with turn-in details such as:

  • Name/address of the retailer
  • Name of the person who took your keys
  • The date and time of the drop-off
  • The mileage from your Odometer Statement

Provided you give us the VIN of your next lease or purchase, we'll find out if you qualify for any loyalty credits or waivers.

This - sometimes anxiety-inducing - day won't cause you any strife if you have these matters handled.

No, You're Not Quite Done

Maybe you feel it's time for you to pop the champagne bottle because this whole process is finally out of the way. This isn't to rain on your parade, but it wouldn't be responsible if we failed to let you know the necessary follow-up tasks after you've turned in your vehicle.

Within one business day of your turn-in, you must fill out your Lease Turn-In form or contact us.

Remember to cancel recurring payments because we aren't equipped to perform such a service. And don't let your lease-end bill fall by the wayside-pay it as fast as you possibly can.

Completing these closing steps is crucial to the turn-in process going off without a hitch.

Lee's Summit Subaru Wants to Make Life Easier for Customers

We want your vehicle turn-in process to run as smoothly as possible, whether you're leasing a Subaru or any other model. If you live in Lee's Summit and the surrounding area, we'll help you get out of your old car and into a new one with virtually no hassles or inconveniences.

Contact Lee's Summit Subaru today to find out more.