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We Want To Buy Your Car

Our acquisitions team is here to make selling your vehicle easier than ever! Being a Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer Participating Dealer, we are able to provide you with a simple transparent process to get an actual cash offer for your car!

When you sell us your car you will leave here knowing you got top dollar for your vehicle, with a check in your hand!

We are in search of quality used cars. An increased market demand has led to a shortage in used car inventory, which has left us in need of quality pre-owned vehicles to restock our lot.

Start the simple process below to get your KBB® Instant Cash Offer today!

**Same day checks are only available on transactions made Monday - Friday before 2pm, and if all necessary documentation is provided (ie. Title, Lien Release, etc). Checks will be available the next business day on transactions made after 2pm Monday - Friday or on Saturdays.**


Car Appraisal FAQ

Can an Appraisal Be Performed Online?

We can offer a rough estimate of the potential value of your car, but for a real accurate figure coming down to Lee's Summit Subaru is the right option. It will take less than 30 minutes to get a complete valuation on your car with a written offer.

My Car Has Modifications? Will This Affect the Value?

We certainly take modification into account when appraising the value of a car. This could raise or lower the value of your car depending on the modifications in question.

Does My Car Need to Have Regular Maintenance?

Regular maintenance that can be proven tends to increase the value of a car to potential buyers. However, we will appraise any car you bring to us regardless of previous maintenance.

What if the Offer I Get Is Less Than the Amount That I Owe on the Car?

If you end up in a situation where your current loan amount on your car is more than the appraisal offer, this is known as 'negative equity.' We'll let you know if this is the case, and you will have the option to pay the difference in price to us to make up the shortfall. This way, we purchase the old car loan from you and relieve you from your debt when the car is sold to us.

We accept cashier's checks, certified funds, and certified checks. We also accept cash and debit cards, and if the difference in price is less than $250, we'll accept a personal check.

What If I Have Any Additional Questions?

You can get in touch with us here online or over the phone if you have some preliminary questions about the car appraisal and purchase program. When you're at Lee's Summit Subaru for your appraisal, we have a number of experts in car appraisals, financing, and maintenance that you can talk to regarding the process and your car.