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Get the True Market Value of Your Car

Are you planning to buy or sell a used car at Lee's Summit Subaru? Or are you simply curious to find out how much your car is worth? Whatever the motive may be, it is useful to find out the exact value of your car from a reliable, impartial source. This is why we offer the Car Valuation Tool from here on our site.

Why Do We Need to Get a Car Valuation?

If you are in the market to buy a used car, you certainly don't want to overpay. The market rates are also subject to changes if there are situations like vehicle recalls.

If you have a car that you wish to sell, it is important to know roughly how much you can expect to get for the particular model in its current condition. A car valuation service also helps to ascertain the credibility of buyers, sellers or agents, particularly if you're considering a private sale.

With the Edmunds car evaluation tool, it's easy for you to find out the exact price of your car based on the current market trends, the make of the car, any options it includes, its present condition, location and other important information concerning the car. Edmunds is an independent, authoritative, impartial site not affiliated with our dealership. Hence, you can be sure about the price to be unbiased, honest, and more importantly accurate.

Trade-in Valuation from Edmunds

If you are a buyer, it is crucial for you to have accurate information about the price of your current car if you're planning on offsetting its value against the price of a new car. Our dealership is very open to trade-ins, and to assure you we will always get you the best price for your car trade-in, we go by the independent price of Edmunds.

Edmunds gives you an unbiased price for your car by considering all the important determinants that affect the price of a car. For example, it considers market factors like changing trends in the buying and selling of used cars when calculating the price of the car. As this is a fluctuating data, Edmunds keeps itself updated on this information. This way, we are confident that every time you search for the price, you get the most accurate rate.

Our system is so easy to use that anyone can get a market price within a few seconds just by inputting very minimal information about a car. The information that we require from you is very little and we do not waste your time by collecting unimportant information from you for marketing purposes. So, just input the make, style, condition and mileage and we can provide you the estimated value instantly.

Likewise, the tool we use is a very simple drop-down selector to input the information. Hence, you don't have to spend a lot of time trying to identify the particulars of the vehicle such as brand and model. We have already added it for you. All you need to do is just select the correct option!

Car Valuation Research

Pre-planning and selecting the car model that suits your budget is a really great way to make your car purchase process more relaxed and less time-consuming. Getting the market value on your proposed purchases can give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay for a vehicle based on year, mileage, and condition. You can then let us know in advance the type of car you're looking for and your budget, and we'll source that car for you. Even if you don't buy from us, you can get a valuation on your current car and how much we might be able to offer you if you sell it through us.

About was launched in 1995 as an online resource for American car buyers to get information on all vehicles on the market. Based in Detroit and California, maintains a database of prices for new and used cars across the country. It also offers reviews on new cars coming to market and listings of car dealerships.

Edmunds is known for having the most accurate pricing data, as its 'True Market Value' pricing tool uses information on the real prices people are buying and selling cars for in dealerships and private sales across the country.

Try the Edmunds Car Evaluation Tool

Overall, all these factors point towards the importance of estimating the true market value of your dream car before buying at Lee's Summit Subaru or estimating the value of your current car that you plan to sell or trade in.

Lee's Summit Subaru

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