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With Every New and Used Vehicle Purchase

Lee's Summit Subaru is happy to offer two years' free Attorney Based Credit Repair Membership with every new and used vehicle purchase. Getting the negative items on your credit report deleted can result in higher credit scores.  This can put you in a better position financially, allowing you to make larger major purchases in the future and at a lower interest rate.

Say Goodbye to "Bad Credit Auto Loans" and break the Subprime Cycle!

As a member of "CPU", all names listed on the title will have access to Attorney Based Credit Repair.  These are real attorneys that get real results in a matter of months, not years.  The attorneys at Credit Law Center use law to delete negative items from your credit history.


  • No upfront fee
  • No ongoing fee
  • No risk

Through the use of the law, your credit history will be cleaned up, removing any inaccuracies and including any repayments you have made in good faith, such as medical bill repayments, rental payments, and of course repayments on any car you purchase through Lee's Summit Subaru.


Collections, late payments, bankruptcies, foreclosures, public records, repos, civil judgments, and bankruptcies should all be removed from your credit history in as quickly as two months. Without Credit Protection USA, this service can cost several thousands more, could take years to process and still leave you with the possibility of zero deletions.  This is the difference between "credit repair" and "Attorney Based Credit Repair".

This is how Credit Protection USA works.

Hear from our very own customers!

We are the only dealer where you can get the "CPU" Membership for free!


Repairing, Monitoring, and Protecting your Credit History and Report

Did you know that up to 70% of credit reports have factual errors? This problem is systemic and causing hardworking people to have to pay through the nose for credit or even be refused credit based on inaccurate information. When something like an unexpected medical bill comes along and you can't get credit to make it, one can see how problematic this issue can become. And then, next time, your credit will be even worse because the credit reporting agencies will report you've had credit denied in the past.

A common issue is medical debts that have been paid off years in the past but they still show up as delinquent on credit reports.

One of the things that we can do is report your rental history as an installment loan. Few people have this arrangement because renters don't typically report to the credit reporting agencies but it makes sense for many reasons - you've been paying your rent on time every month so it should show up as a positive loan in your credit history report.

To get this free membership, you don't need to buy a new Subaru from us. You don't even need to buy a Subaru at all. We offer this free membership on any new or used purchase made from Lee's Summit Subaru.

What if I am not ready to buy a car yet?

In the event Lee's Summit Subaru is unable to arrange financing on an attempted purchase, we can offer a "referral" version of this membership.  This also applies to a situation in which you may not be ready to purchase a vehicle and did not apply for financing.  Simply see your sales consultant for details.

A large majority of our customers who take advantage most of this membership are those who have witnessed a friend or co-worker have their life change forever all from just purchasing a vehicle from us.  Some are not even in the market for a vehicle!  They are simply trying to improve their overall way of life by getting  a higher credit score.

If this type of membership isn't for you, then your membership can be used as a "one-time gift".  See your sales consultant for details.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act

Why an attorney-based credit repair and protection company has more power than a basic credit protection company lies in the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This act regulates the consumer credit information stored by credit agencies, in particular, the big three Consumer Reporting Agencies (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian).

This legislation was introduced because access to credit is a virtual need in modern times. Without access to credit one's buying power goes down and it can become a downward spiral. If you have poor credit (or, importantly, credit that is incorrectly being reported as poor) then you will only be offered higher interest rates on loans as you will be seen as a less safe bet. So, access to credit costs you more than it does for someone with good credit.

It has been shown that the credit information held and reported on consumers in the U.S. is often inaccurate. The system is fallible - the onus is on creditors to inform the reporting agencies that your credit has been paid off in full or that you have been a good user of credit. Of course, many of these creditors do not bother to update the reporting agencies, or only report to one of them, or don't contact them at all about your faithful payments.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act attempts to limit the damage these mistakes cause to consumers. It also restricts the use of consumer reports and enforces the deletion of credit information after a period of time.

Attorney-Based Credit Protection

Attorney-based credit repair and protection is the strongest and quickest form of credit repair you can choose because of The Fair Credit Reporting Act. Kansas City's leading credit repair and protection law firm can sue on your behalf for the incorrect information on your credit history. This can include the amount of credit and the dates of activity.

This form of credit protection can sue if someone else's poor credit decisions have been attached to your account (or if your repayments have been inadvertently added to someone else's credit file.)

Our partner attorneys have the power to sue if they believe an investigation into a consumer's credit is not being completed in a timely or correct manner.

They can also sue for violations where your credit information has not been kept confidential.

Throughout the entire process, you will not have to travel, attend court, or visit an attorney's office.  Simply open your email, click, and reply!

You Don't Pay Unless It Goes Away!

Although it can feel you're just one person up against these huge credit reporting agencies, you actually have the law on your side. Credit Protection USA uses the full force of the law to ensure the three big credit reporting agencies get your credit straight, removing any old errors and updating your credit history with the payments you have made on a monthly basis.

There are three things than an attorney-based credit repair and protection company will be able to do over a standard credit repair service. They are able to delete agreements with collections, they will be able to sue any creditors that are harassing you, and they will be able to sue the credit reporting agencies for inaccurate information.

This kind of hands-on proactive law doesn't normally come cheap, potentially costing up to $6,000 for a service that wipes the slate clean. Because of your Credit Protection USA Membership, no matter how much the attorney services amount to, Lee's Summit Subaru comps the attorney's contract fee leaving a max fee of no more than $299.   And just like the law firm Credit Law Center's motto; "You will not pay unless it goes away"!

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