Subaru Vehicle Protection and Repair Coverage

Added Security

Subaru has been protecting its customers for over 30 years. The newest Added Security plans offer extended service agreements which stretch the warranty far beyond the original coverage provided by the standard manufacturer warranty. They're offered exclusively for Subaru vehicles by Subaru, the company with one of the best consumer ratings on the planet. It's the only official coverage backed up by Subaru, protecting both new and long-time customers.

Subaru Added Security Coverage

Subaru's extended warranty covers wear and tear (low engine compression, excess oil consumption, etc.), consequential damage (such brake pad replacements due to brake caliper fails) and struts along with CVJs.

Subaru is one of the only companies to offer these items as part of their extended coverage, as many manufacturers choose to exclude them from their aftermarket plans due to the fact they are typically the ones customers seem to have the most issues with. Subaru is a brand which cares for you as a customer and your vehicle, and it's so confident in its products that it has no issues offering these extra benefits. All it takes for the Added Security agreement to pay off for itself is one repair. Be smart and protect your vehicle with the best-extended warranty offered by Subaru.

Added Security Value

The Added Security plan offers incredible value for money. Extensive coverage implies that it encompasses all of the plans on offer, whether the repairs in question are basic or high-tech. The covered repairs mostly imply a no out of pocket expense, with limited expense in some rare situations. What's more, plans can be included in the car's financing, making paying off much easier. Naturally, all of the plans are transferable, boosting the resale value of your Subaru vehicle and decreasing depreciation for years to come.

Subaru's Part

The agreement is honored at over 600 of Subaru's dealers throughout the United States and Canada. The repairs are authorized by official Subaru employees, and the actual repairs are carried out by highly-specialized Subaru trained service technicians, using only Genuine Subaru Parts. Towing and rental car expenses are completely covered by Subaru, as are the reimbursements for any necessary meals or lodging during the timeframe of the covered repairs. Subaru's large dealer network is always there for you.

Plan Options

Subaru offers its Added Security in eight different plan options to suit every customer's needs, spanning up to 7 years or 100,000 miles.

Classic Plan

The classic plan coverage is the base one, offering protection from most major components failure. It's the most popular and common choice, offering coverage from engine, transmission, drivetrain, suspension, steering, brakes, electrical, air conditioning and fuel systems failure.

Gold Plus

The Gold Plus offers everything the Classic plan does, with an extra protection against one hundred parts on top. The list is extremely long, so we won't mention all of the parts. The added benefits come in the form of jump-starts, tire changes, gasoline delivery, locksmith services, and much more.

Maintenance Plans

Maintenance plans are a perfect addition to the standard Subaru warranty and the excellent Added security agreement. They can be included in the original monthly car payment and give you the option to lock-in the cost of your regular scheduled maintenance. Once again, Subaru technicians guarantee the use of Genuine Subaru Parts, maintaining the car's value, performance, and longevity.

New and Used

Subaru's maintenance plans can be divided into two subcategories: one for new cars, and another for used cars. New car plans offer maintenance services as recommended by Subaru, coverage of regular inspections at the 15,000 and 30,000-mile marks, all parts, labour and fluids, synthetic oil (regular where required) and a $500 loyalty coupon towards the purchase of your next new Subaru. These plans, much like the Added Security Coverage, are transferable.

The used car maintenance plans are offered for anyone who already owns a Subaru. They include renewable plans with flexible coverage of 2 years or 24,000 miles, synthetic/regular oil (whichever is recommended) and roadside assistance, regardless if that implies a tow or a lock-out.

Trust and Confidence

Customers view Subaru's Added Security mechanical and maintenance plans as great investments in their future satisfaction because really, that's what they are. Not only will you not have to worry about your Subaru, knowing you have a full team of experienced Subaru workers to back you up, but should the time for resale come, your Subaru vehicle's added value is free to go straight into the purchase of your brand-new Subaru, along with the loyalty coupon offered by Subaru.

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