Become A Subaru Ambassador

Are You Loyal to the Subaru Brand?

We have a serious question for you:

How much do you love Subaru vehicles, the organization itself, and what we stand for?

If the answer is "a lot," then you're going to want to keep reading, because we have a program that might entice you.

The Subaru Ambassador program finds champions of our brand who aren't employed with us. These are people who have passion and enthusiasm for our automobiles and want to play their part in shaping our organization's future.

Really, anyone can be a Subaru Ambassador-provided you're willing to be an extension of our brand and commit yourself to a shared vision.

These relationships are vital to our organization, as you are the living proof of our quality. We genuinely value what you offer us as an ambassador because it's your word that honors our reputation the most.

Read on to find out what else goes into this exciting role:

Subaru Gives Ambassadors What They Need to Succeed

As an ambassador, it's your job to spread the word about what we're doing. So, you need to be informed. Subaru will do everything in our power to ensure you have the necessary resources to remain educated with the required knowledge.

We'll supply you with the most up-to-date information, prepared to answer all manner of questions. You'll be able to confidently let your friends, family, and peers know the latest news about our brand and products.

Also, we provide you with our latest gear for you to share with the people you meet during your adventures and travels. This act of branding makes you easy to spot and even easier on the eyes while decked out in the spiffiest Subaru apparel.

If you take on this role, be ready for people to ask you questions, because you'll be a walking-talking symbol of the brand!

Ready to Play a Pivotal Part in Subaru's Success?

At Lee's Summit Subaru, much like the rest of the organization, we take the role of a brand ambassador very seriously. After all, if you - as our customer - take on this responsibility, it speaks volumes to the quality of your experiences with us.

As an ambassador, you'll represent our brand with honesty, integrity, and enthusiasm. Furthermore, you'll lend your voice, time, and experience to the community.

However, your top priority as a Subaru Ambassador is adhering to the Subaru Love Promise.

What is the Subaru Love Promise?

Since the Subaru Love Promise is such a significant factor in your success as an ambassador, you must understand the various components involved.

First and foremost, the love promise entails an undying commitment to doing right by your surrounding communities.

Subaru backs up those expectations because we lead by example. Our vehicles are fuel-efficient, and they're built inside eco-friendly, zero-landfill plants. On this end, the organization has shared our expertise with the National Park Service.

In Subaru's history, our marketing campaigns have often emphasized the promise of love, such as Share the Love. These ventures have been avenues for the company to donate $50-plus-million to causes over that last 20 years.

One of the causes that Subaru has become synonymous with is for pets. But our organization's penchant for charity goes well beyond a love of furry, adorable creatures.

To further elaborate, here are the six components of Subaru Loves branding:

  • Subaru Loves branding
  • Subaru Loves Pets
  • Subaru Loves the Earth
  • Subaru Loves Learning
  • Subaru Loves to Help
  • Subaru Loves to Care

At Lee's Summit Subaru, we do everything we can to uphold these values. As an ambassador, the more you embrace these principles and philosophies, the more significant impact you'll have on our brand.

Why Subaru Loves Its Ambassadors

There's nothing quite like the words of our satisfied customers when it comes to growing our brand and spreading our big-picture message.

Subaru is a company that's had a wealth of successful television and print campaigns. Still, ambassadors give us the certainty and confidence to know we're doing things right. From our experience as a dealership, there's no higher value than customers that love our full range of automobiles and our dedicated, passionate service.

Most importantly, there's nothing quite like seeing someone as passionate about our brand as we are. That's the most powerful testament to the impact we've made, not only in the automobile industry but also on the world around us.

Are You Interested in Becoming a Brand Ambassador?

Are you a Subaru customer who loves our selection of high-quality vehicles and believes in what we're doing as a brand?

And do your values line up with what we stand for as a company?

If so, it'll be worth your time to become a Subaru Ambassador, so you can play a substantial part in helping us continue to thrive.

Really though, we're only scratching the surface with what's involved. Find out more today!