Are you looking to purchase or lease a new or pre-owned vehicle? The Costco Auto Program in Kansas City via Lee's Summit Subaru is your ticket to a great deal on your next purchase.

The Costco Auto Program carefully curates select dealerships that have the stringent requirements that ensure value for Costco members. The program strives to simplify the often arduous process of buying a new car in the traditional fashion.

Costco is always ensuring the satisfaction of its Auto Program members by performing undercover shopping at its network of dealers, checking up on the competition, and conducting surveys to make sure that all Costco Auto Program dealers offer the best price possible.

"Costco stands behind every purchase and reimburse the customer if any errors are found either by the lender, dealer, and the state."

You can use your membership to find the best deal on all sorts of vehicles, even mobility vehicles, RVs, and motorcycles.

How Does the Costco Auto Program Work?

Step 1 - Research

You start by visiting the Build and Research Vehicles section on the Costco website where you can find all of the new makes and models of your favorite vehicles. There are reviews where you can see pictures of the cars as well as take virtual tours, see rebates and find out about pertinent safety information.

Once you have decided and choose to get a new vehicle through the Costco Auto Program, it is mandatory that you use the Costco website or call center to find a dealer who participates in the program. By doing so, you will always get the best value for your dollar and won't end up at a dealer that does not provide prearranged pricing through the Costco program.

Step 2 - Locate and Contact

Once you have found your new vehicle it's time to go contact one of the participating dealer partners - in Kansas City this is Lee's Summit Subaru. Once you do that, you will be contacted promptly and be able to arrange a convenient appointment to look at your choices. You may also call the dealer at any time and speak directly with a representative. Be sure that the person you are speaking with is an authorized contact with Costco. Before you arrive for your appointment check that you have your Costco Membership card handy and ready to show. This will ensure that you get the best deal possible.

Step 3 - Visit and Save

Now is the time when you will go to your appointment and meet with your authorized dealer who will help you in the selection of your new vehicle. As a member in the Costco Auto Program, you will have exclusive access to the Member-Only Price List so you receive the best price available for your new vehicle. Costco constantly monitor the other vehicles that are selling at competing dealers and makes sure that the price you are getting is not only competitive with but crushing the competition.

"Costco Backs All Sales. There's a reason for that."

Every vehicle can be optioned differently which will, of course, change the exact price of the vehicle of your choice. You can see a precise breakdown of all the prices, including those of all popular options, the potential savings as well as all applicable incentives and dealer rebates.

There is no obligation to purchase through this program.

What Are the Benefits of Costco's Auto Program?

First and foremost, you will be assisted at every turn by professionals in the industry with many years of experience.

Second, the field staff is vital to the program. They are there to work with Authorized Dealer Contacts by certifying and training them so they can best support members of the Costco program. By using their extensive knowledge, the contacts create ease and comfort with your car purchase, ensuring there is no obligation or pressure to purchase. The prearranged pricing safeguards the given value and allows for no haggling in the process. The Competitive Shop constantly polls dealers from around the country every month in order to keep up with current pricing trends to remain competitive.

Third, the Member Advocacy Group helps you throughout the process from the pre-buying stage until after the purchase is complete to make sure you are satisfied from beginning to end.

Fourth, there are additional Costco member benefits for all vehicle purchases. A 50% off coupon will be good towards all accessories, service, and parts, valid at the dealership at which the purchase was made. Another 50% off (maximum of $200) is available for those who are Executive Members. A 50% off coupon is available for both Business and Gold Star members, up to $100.

History of the Costco Auto Program

The Costco Auto Program has been around since 1989. In that time, the program has differentiated itself from the competition as a leader and is always ranked among the top member-based auto buying programs available. Over a million members have bought an automobile through the program in the past 5 years alone.

Costco is dedicated to providing a low price that is prearranged, an easy and comfortable buying experience, and to have dealerships with trained professionals that understand the Costco program. The mission of Costco is simply to ensure that members have a great automobile buying experience.

Members of the program are provided with advocates that will handle the dealership on the buyer's behalf, ensuring top quality. They will review contracts, ensure prices are correct, and make sure that everything is up to the member's expectations and standards.

The Costco Auto Program is one of a kind due to the amazing level of customer support by Costco's highly trained staff and their unwavering loyalty to giving their members the best buying experiences possible. Many satisfied customers have used the Costco Auto Program. In fact, in just the last year, almost 500,000 members purchased a vehicle or RV while utilizing the many services of the program. The program stands for top service, value, experience, and getting a pleasant and courteous dealership experience for Costco members.

For more information on the Costco Auto Program at Lee's Summit Subaru, get in touch today.