Why Service your Subaru at a Dealership?

It's a common area of discussion when you've just bought a new vehicle - where do you get the servicing done? The mechanic down the road in Kansas City might seem to offer you better initial rates, and he says every car is roughly the same these days, right?

Wrong. There are a lot of advantages to getting your Subaru maintained and serviced by an official Subaru dealership like Lee's Summit Subaru. Let us outline just a few of them, and you can make up your own mind.

Our Staff is Knowledgeable and Trained in Subaru Vehicles

Most importantly, you want your Subaru to be worked on by professionals who know every inch of your car like the back of their hand. Our technicians have been trained by Subaru on the intricacies of each vehicle and each and every system so that they know exactly what needs to be done in each case.

Having this wealth of knowledge means they're able to diagnose issues with your Subaru that an independent would miss. Independent mechanics tend to go for big repairs rather than keep your Subaru well maintained with inexpensive, periodic maintenance that keeps your vehicle in tip top condition.

The speed at which knowledgeable and skilled technicians can perform the servicing on your car is also greatly improved. Lee's Summit Subaru is constantly performing the routine maintenance on Subaru vehicles to the set plans as outlined by Subaru, as and such the Subaru technicians here are fast and efficient. This means you'll spend less time waiting for servicing and repairs to be completed and have more time to simply enjoy your Subaru out on the open road.

World-Class Facilities

Lee's Summit Subaru has all of modern technology and tools to work on your Subaru. Independent shops always use generic tools, parts, and procedures that are not specifically designed for high-quality enthusiast cars like Subarus. Besides this, dealerships tend to offer better facilities for when you're waiting and can offer special deals and manufacturer exclusives that independent mechanics are not privy to.

OEM Parts all the Way

Don't let an independent mechanic pass off inferior parts to you at a high markup. With Lee's Summit Subaru, you got a factory-backed component to replace any original part you need to change, and this means the part will last just as long as the original or longer.

Choosing cheaper parts for a Subaru is a false economy - they break down more quickly, they can cause issues with other components in your vehicle, they can affect the Subaru driving experience, they will reduce the resale value of your car, and they are typically not at a significantly lower price.

We Value Our Customer Relationships

We believe that when you drive your new vehicle off our lot that it is the beginning of your relationship with you, not the end. Servicing and maintenance of the vehicles we sell are all part of the service, and as we get to know your car and how you drive it we can make informed choices and suggestions to you. We can give you exact servicing timescales and estimates, and you'll always be dealing with the same people so there's no confusion.

By having your car serviced regularly at Lee's Summit Subaru, we'll have a complete record of everything that has been done to your car. This not only makes servicing more accurate and avoids doubling down on repairs and servicing, it also makes your car worth more when it's time to sell it.

Resale Value

There's no doubt that used car buyers prefer to purchase vehicles that have been serviced through their life at a certified dealership. Showing that you've meticulously kept up with the periodic maintenance that your Subaru needs at the correct regular intervals is excellent, and being able to show that everything that has been done to your vehicle has been performed by knowledgeable, certified technicians at an authorized Subaru dealership greatly increased the resale value you can put on our Subaru.

Buyers know that if you've always come to Lee's Summit Subaru for your car servicing and maintenance, every part that's been replaced is a genuine OEM part, and every procedure that your vehicle has undergone has been done with the right tools, in the right way, by the right people.

Choosing to service your Subaru at an authorized Subaru dealership in Lee's Summit like Lee's Summit Subaru is a no-brainer - it saves you money, increases your car's resale value, and offers you complete peace of mind.


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