Top 5 Reasons To Take Your Vehicle To A Dealership

Tuesday, 08 September, 2020

When your automobile stops functioning correctly (or it needs maintenance), you're faced with the challenge of finding a reliable technician. No, that doesn't mean the most affordable option—because that often means you get what you're paying for. However, you don't want to overspend on someone who isn’t up to the challenge and does subpar work. What you want is to find a technician who offers the most value for dollars spent. This way, your vehicle will have its shelf-life extended shelf-life and avoid costly, catastrophic malfunctions throughout your time spent driving it. Which brings us to one of the main subjects of this blog: Of the only 6 ASE master technicians across our dealership’s region, Lee’s Summit Subaru employs half of them. While many other dealerships will employ standard ASE technicians, a master technician is a superior option. This gives you – the driver – the best bang for your buck. With that said, here are 5 reasons that you’re better off taking your vehicle to a master technician:

Reason #1: Master Technicians Are More Rigorously Tested

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Since our master technicians have earned this certification in automobiles and light trucks, it means they've faced and conquered a string of tests, thus, proving their mastery. Conversely, those with the standard ASE distinction only need to complete one test. The math is simple in this case. Master technicians have spent more time learning the expansive theory required to earn their classification. As a result, they'll bring that higher level of certified knowledge to help repair your vehicle.

Reason #2: Master Technicians Are Well-Rounded

Most technicians with standard certifications only possess expertise in specific automobiles. This limits how effective they’ll be at diagnosing, servicing, and repairing various different makes and models. Whereas ASE master technicians clearly demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to diagnose, service, and repair cars, SUVs, and light-duty trucks. This comprehensive wisdom makes these individuals highly versatile and well-versed in working on an array of vehicles. For example, suppose you own a light truck. In that case, you won't get shooed away because the technician only works with smaller vehicles. Having to scour the universe, seeking out someone who can service your vehicle-type, can be massively frustrating.

Reason #3: Master Technicians Require Hands-on Experience

Technicians with standard certifications don’t need nearly the same levels of practical knowledge as masters. Sure, all the theoretical knowledge in the world is incredibly useful—but it all amounts to nothing without real-world, hands-on experience. For the above reason, earning a master technician's distinction is impossible without 2 years of hands-on work experience. Meaning, if you take your vehicle to be serviced by someone with this certification, you can be confident in your choice. They'll have spent time putting in the work, dealing with and solving the unique issues that only the real world can present.

Reason #4: Master Technicians Face Rigorous Re-Testing

It would be one thing to gain an ASE master technician certification, and then never look back. But then it becomes far too easy to rest upon one’s laurels and fall behind on modern trends. Fortunately, to maintain their distinction, master technicians must recertify through re-tests every two years. It only takes one expired certification for somebody to lose their “master” status. By taking your vehicle to our dealership for service, you'll work with a master technician whose qualifications are fully updated. You won't be stuck with a relic from the past.

Reason #5: Master Technicians Show a Company’s Dedication to their Customers

An ASE master technician certification is an industry standard-bearer. These individuals receive the most substantial salaries and are considered top-of-line in their scope of work. When a dealership employs a master technician, it shows a commitment to upholding uncompromising service standards. It also displays unwavering dedication and investment into the most optimal outcome for customers. Moreover, it proves that the dealership wants customers to enjoy their time and feel 100% safe and secure in their vehicle. At Lee's Summit Subaru, investing in these high-end employees pays for itself after the first appointment.Customers are always satisfied with our master technician's precision, knowledge, attention to detail, and overall professionalism. Our clientele loves knowing that our helpful staff does everything to maximize their vehicle's performance.


Conclusion: Don’t Accept Anything Less Than Mastery

Modern vehicles are considerable investments. When faced with mounting performance and function-based issues, you’re left wondering what you’re paying for.Considering what you’ve put into your automobile, you owe it to yourself to find the best available technician to get the job done right. And who’s better than a master at maximizing the return on your vehicle-based investment? That’s why we suggest that the next time you run into car trouble or require maintenance, visit Lee's Summit Subaru. You'll benefit from top-notch service you won't get anywhere else.