Not all pets live equal. While some may enjoy a healthy life with loving humans, others may not be as lucky. That's why we're celebrating Subaru Loves Pets by supporting a month long, nationwide effort to help the last-to-be-adopted pets find loving homes - your home. 

Every day during the month of October we will be sharing a pet currently available for adoption at Midwest Animal Resq.  For every dog that gets adopted during the month of October, Lee's Summit Subaru will be donating $200 to Midwest Animal Resq.

We will also be accepting donations from our customers to give to Midwest Animal Resq in November, along with what we hope is a giant check.  To see a list of needed shelter items, please go here.

In addition, on October 22nd, Subaru will be celebrating our 2nd annual National Make A Dogs Day by inviting all dog lovers to do something extra special for their favorite dog. #MakeADogsDay

It's just one of the many ways we're keeping the Subaru Loves Pets promise.

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