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Subaru is a company striving to help environmental organizations that it believes in. Partnering with the National Wildlife Federation, Subaru aims to help preserve wildlife and its habitat through the development of vehicles using environmentally-focused platforms and supporting national environmental concerns. Subaru calls it Subaru Loves the Earth.

There's been a 58% decline in wildlife due to loss of habitat. This is a concern for Subaru and the National Wildlife Federation and both are striving to raise awareness of the issue. To help with those efforts, more than 400 Certified Wildlife Habitats are being created at schools across the country, along with the implementation of many hands-on educational programs.

Subaru has also made a garden supply donation to schools across the U.S. to help support the creation of their habitat. Subaru dealers in the area are matched to local schools to help provide them with the basic elements that wildlife needs to survive. A video for educators is also included. This video explains how each student can take part in the community to reduce the decline of wildlife. Schools participating in the program can win an educational assembly with David Mizejewski, the NWF naturalist celebrity, for sharing their photos and stories. Subaru has partnered with the National Wildlife Federation to provide this program to local schools.

The school gardening supplies will be at the participating Subaru dealerships prior to school distribution. The displays encourage the creation of a wildlife garden in a yard or in a neighborhood. Subaru customers can come into their local dealership to receive a plantable seed card and information about a lottery the National Wildlife Federation is hosting. The winner of this contest receives a visit from David Mizejewski, who will provide them with tips, advice, and lots of fun. He'll also provide a yard makeover with a value of up to $5,000.

So often we take the wonders of nature for granted, and Subaru wants to change that. It is possible to make the world a better place when we value the things that nature offers us and understand its importance in our world. Subaru is proudly partnering with the National Wildlife Federation to bring this community education around the U.S. The Subaru Loves the Earth program is meant to help preserve wildlife in every possible way and ensure that every person can do their part to help.

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