Tired of only qualifying for

"Bad Credit Car Loans"?

At Lee's Summit Subaru, we do NOT provide credit repair.

However, we completely understand that almost everybody needs a good credit score to qualify for attractive loan programs. Not sure what your credit is, and want to go ahead and apply for an auto loan? Click the link to our finance application below.

Beyond that, just because someone's in a financial hole, and has bad credit, doesn't mean that person should be relegated to poor quality used cars. Regardless of any bad luck our customers might have faced finance-wise, we want them driving in a safe, secure, and sleek vehicle.

Lee's Summit Subaru has your solution. Our partnership with Credit Law Center.

Kansas City's leading credit repair law firm.

Through our referral program, our customers with bad credit have benefitted from significantly discounted rates with Credit Law Center, eventually ending up in their dream vehicle, buying a new home, or just enjoying the parts of life that a higher credit score can provide in a fast and affordable way.


The Cruel Reality of Bad Credit.

Did you know that of the 220 million scorable people, about 68 million of them have bad or poor FICO scores?

So, if you're struggling with bad credit, it's worth knowing that you aren't alone in this. Because of those 68 million people, we're willing to wager that a vast number has figured out how to maneuver around their sticky situations.

Financial bumps in the road are a part of life. And when times get extremely tough, it can take a toll on your credit rating due to your need to maintain your standards of living.

Whether it's due to job loss, a sickness, or even unsound investments, etc., bills can start piling, and - at some point - you might not have been able to keep up with payments. Unfortunately, the damage this does to your credit can be significant.

Living life with bad credit can be agonizing. Getting approved for mortgages, lines of credit, rent applications, and - yes - car loans, becomes something of a pipedream. It's common for people in these situations to feel trapped.

Still, that doesn't mean your life is now relegated to loan rejections, stress, and duress. Instead, you must dig a bit deeper for solutions.

Yes, It's Possible to Repair Your Credit and Receive a Bad Credit Car Loan. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to purchasing a vehicle - especially with bad credit - you're likely not going to have a pile of cash at the ready for each payment.

The chances are you're going to need some manner of financing-but how can this be accomplished with bad credit?

Well, at Lee's Summit Subaru, we're proud to say that our relationship with Credit Law Center has helped many in the surrounding community with credit repair. Credit Law Center has repaired over 30,000 credit reports across the United States since 2007.

Meaning, it's possible to remove the shackles of your financial past and procure a bad credit car loan by using the law to your advantage.   

What is Credit Repair?

There's no such technical role called "credit repair" lawyers. Yet, there are attorneys out there with expertise in such a realm, who dedicate their lives to helping people receive bad credit car loans, for instance.

In layman's terms, this task consists of "righting the wrongs" of credit files with major bureaus-so to speak.

More specifically, the process involves correcting the information that major bureaus use to create your credit reports.

Can You Repair Your Credit on Your Own?

Yes, it's possible to repair your credit on your own. But it's a journey filled with headaches, and you'll generally find yourself running into walls and creating further burdens.

Putting yourself through such duress and distress isn't necessary. Especially when there are skilled professionals - like those at Credit Law Center - who can vastly streamline the proceedings.

The attorneys at Credit Law Center are equipped with the skill set to not only repair your credit but act as advocates who'll ward off debt collectors on your behalf.

Credit Law Center Knows How to Handle Bureaus and Collectors

Without the help of dedicated professionals, the damage you take to your credit after failing to make payments or defaulting on loans and credit cards can take YEARS to fix.

The fact is, you probably don't have the benefit of time on your side. You likely need your vehicle now and require a bad credit car loan as fast as humanly possible.

Sadly, bureaus, creditors, and other lenders don't care about your circumstances. You can call them and plead with them to show mercy, but all they care about is that you've made your payments.

As such, your problem necessitates the removal of errors and negative items from your credit file-which are comprised of the following:

  • A history of missed payments

  • Debt collections

  • Repossessions

  • Tax liens and judgments

These are highly complicated issues that require the focus of dedicated professionals, like those at Credit Law Center. They know the ins and outs of all matters concerning credit repair. Plus, they'll do everything in their power to amend issues with your score-eventually helping you land your bad credit car loan.

How Does Credit Law Center Help Your Repair Your Credit?

Of course, the dedicated professionals at Credit Law Center don't simply snap their fingers and make your poor FICO score skyrocket to new heights.

The methodology used is detail-oriented and precise, starting with a credit lawyer reviewing your report history to see if there are any errors. Interestingly, 79% of reports have errors on them-so, your credit repair might be a quick fix when in the hands of these experts.

From there, they'll try to find quick ways to improve your score, which could include negotiations with agencies.

Here's a list of some of the nuts and bolts that go into your credit repair with Credit Law Center:

  • An attorney will collaborate with credit bureaus to remove errors from your credit report

  • They'll also work alongside these bureaus to erase negative items from your report at a quicker rate than if you were to wait for it to fall off

  • Your credit lawyer could potentially settle debts with collectors for exponentially less than your original debt - or they'll work out a more feasible payment plan

  • If necessary, your credit lawyer will represent you in court if creditors are seeking legal action

With such dedication and passion towards credit repair, it'll only be a matter of time before you procure a bad credit car loan. Meaning, being in the driver's seat of your dream Subaru is becoming more reality than a pipedream.

Can't You Just Go to a Credit Repair Company?

Credit repair companies are a choice you can make when trying to procure a bad credit car loan.

However, there are a few things you should consider:

Firstly, you won't receive the discounted rate offered by Credit Law Center for referrals from Lee's Summit Subaru.

Secondly, and more importantly, unlike a credit repair company, the lawyers at Credit Law Center works for you. You'll receive the individualized time and care that you deserve with your attorney that'll drastically increase your chances of an improved FICO score.

With credit repair companies, you're one of their thousands of clients and are just making up the numbers. You, and your credit, won't receive the attention required to generate the best possible outcome.

Furthermore, here's a list of services and benefits offered by Credit Law Center that you won't find at a credit repair company:

  • Negotiating and settling collections

  • Negotiating and settling charge-offs and repossessions

  • Negotiating and settling judgments 

  • In-depth knowledge of consumer protection laws

  • Will sue harassing collectors

  • Will sue for reporting inaccurate information

  • Provide Pay-to-Delete agreements with collection companies

Why Else Should You Choose Credit Law Center to Receive a Bad Credit Car Loan?

As we've discussed several times already, at Lee's Summit Subaru, the clients we refer to Credit Law Center receive a discounted rate. In and of itself, this is reasoning enough to choose these respected attorneys as your credit advocates.

Beyond that, Credit Law Center has a tremendous track record for success and delivering the desired results to their clients. They can proudly boast of successfully servicing 30,000 satisfied clients.

The marvelous team at Credit Law Center also shares something in common with Lee's Summit Subaru that makes for an ideal partnership. They care about the people of Kansas City, Lee's Summit, and the surrounding communities.

At Credit Law Center, they treat every client like they're the only client-offering personalized, highly empathetic credit repair services.

To drive our point home, we wouldn't align ourselves with a company unless they shared our strong business ethics and client-first approach.

Don't Let Your Bad Credit Stop You from Owning Your Dream Car.

Lee's Summit Subaru wants you to drive the car you've always dreamed about, even if your credit score has taken a few knocks.

Our partnership with Credit Law Center allows you to procure a car loan-even with blemishes to your FICO score.

Most importantly, we want you to save as much money as possible. That's why when we refer a customer to Credit Law Center, they'll receive a favorable, discounted rate.

If you have bad credit and are interested in financing a Subaru, contact us today and we'll be more than happy to discuss your options.