Share the Love Event at Lee’s Summit Subaru

Buy or lease a Subaru from Lee’s Summit Subaru before January 2, 2019, and Subaru will donate $250 to your choice of charities. On top of this, Lee’s Summit Subaru will be donating $2,500 to Hillcrest Transitional Housing with the Share the Love Event, furthering our commitment to the community that we love. This year, the Subaru Share the Love Event is bigger than ever, and we invite you down to Lee’s Summit Subaru to get involved.

Subaru of America Shares the Love

The Make-A-Wish Foundation and the ASPCA are among charitable causes benefiting this year from the annual Share the Love Event organized by Subaru of America. For more than ten years now, the firm has worked tirelessly on behalf of over 1,000 national and local charities in the United States. Thanks to the generosity of the firm and its participating retailers, almost $120 million dollars have so far been donated to America’s charities, a figure Subaru anticipates will rise to $140 million dollars by the end of the current campaign.

Hillcrest Transitional Housing

Lee’s Summit Subaru has long supported Hillcrest Transitional Housing, Northland’s best support system helping families to move from homelessness to self-sufficiency in 90 days. Over 95% of families that Hillcrest helps become self-reliant within three months. Hillcrest even helps homeless teens and young adults meet their educational aspirations through GED classes. Adults are required to follow strict guidelines to help them find full-time employment, including attending volunteer-taught classes.

Hillcrest Transitional Housing is based in the greater Kansas City Metro area and has housing sites in Sugar Creek, Independence, Overland Park, Liberty, Cameron, and Lee’s Summit.

For households with more barriers to permanent housing, additional assistance comes in the form of longer-term transitional housing assistance, dental work, medical assistance, food, haircuts, glasses, work uniforms, school clothes – the list goes on.

We are exceptionally proud of our ongoing commitment to work with Hillcrest Transitional Housing and the many lives that we‘ve been able to help turn around.

Benefits to a Wide Variety of Charities

Subaru is supporting a range of charities, all of which do excellent work in the community. Through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Share the Love Event has already made dreams come true for 1,800 seriously ill children, having an enormous positive impact on the lives of these kids and their families. It is anticipated that many more wishes will be granted this year.

America’s older generation also benefits from the event, which has sponsored nutritious meals for almost two million vulnerable seniors by means of the Meals On Wheels charity. Furthermore, the Share the Love Event has supported our environment through the National Park Foundation, sponsoring projects in over 100 national parks across the country. Thus our heritage is preserved for the benefit of future generations.

Subaru’s partnership with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has made a tremendous contribution to the charity’s work, assisting with the rescue around 50,000 animals from abuse and neglect. Subaru has guaranteed that each of these four national charities will receive a minimum of a quarter of a million dollars to support them in their work.

The firm also has a long-standing commitment to give back to local communities across America. Among the smaller charities receiving assistance are those that help the homeless and unemployed to become self-sufficient citizens, who are in turn able to contribute to society. Accordingly, in addition to the four national charities, depending on the retailer chosen, purchasers may choose between a total of 1,170 smaller charities operating in their local communities.

How the Event Works

Subaru has pledged to give $250 to charity for every new vehicle purchased before January 2, 2019, the donation being made directly to the purchaser’s choice of charities. Indeed, buyers may choose to split the donation between more than one recipient if they prefer.

A similar offer is available to customers wishing to lease a new Subaru. Customers who participate in this program receive a thank-you letter from the firm, confirming that the $250 donation was made on their behalf.

Subaru customers now have an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of our fellow Americans, making meaningful contributions towards worthy causes at no additional cost to themselves. Whether helping children or the elderly, looking after our national parks or showing compassion for animals, we all have the opportunity to take action to make a positive impact on the communities in which we live.

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