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The Subaru Legacy Legacy

A New Subaru Review, by McCall Witt.

The Subaru Legacy has been a very important part of the Subaru portfolio for years in fact the brand themselves will tell you that this was the first vehicle that they ever built here in America at their Indiana factory about 30 years ago. This is the all new seven generation 2020 legacy it shares the same platform that underpins the rest of the Subaru cars. So it's got these Subaru global product architecture it supports an all new interior with an eleven point six inch tablet and Subaru is bringing back a turbo charged engine underneath the hood of this new sedan.

So the big question I want answered with the return of the Turbo and about 260 horsepower, has Subaru built a budget all wheel drive sports sedan for the masses. I am here to tell you yes they have!  So we'll get to the styling of the new legacy in just a moment because this car marks the return of a turbo charged engine to the legacy's lineup which we haven't seen for the greater part of a decade.

The New 2020 Subaru Legacy Engine

Now if you guys are familiar with the new Subaru Ascent, these powertrains will look pretty familiar. It's going to start out at a 2.5 liter Boxer flat four cylinder engine part of their FRB 25 engine family. It's an updated engine versus the motor that we saw in the previous generation model. Now it has direct injection it's still a box or flat for it makes one hundred eighty two horsepower and a hundred and seventy six pound of torque, that's a seven horsepower increase and two more pounds for you. I'll be driving that engine first but this is the motor that I'm most intrigued about because this is the same engine that's in the Subaru ascent. It's their new FAA 24 Boxer four cylinder so it's a two point four litre flat for Sounder engine that's turbo charge. The inter coolers mounted right at the top and even though there is no hood scoop this car does have a top mounted enter cooler so it does suck in air through the grill to help feed the inner cooler and this power are in this car makes two hundred and sixty horsepower and two hundred and seventy seven pound feet of talk.

This is replacing the old three point six litre horizontal flat six so sorry the death of six cylinders under the hood of the legacy but this has four more horsepower and about 31 more pounds of torque versus the six cylinder engine. This is this is replacing now fuel economy is also improved with the base 2.5 you're gonna get her up to 27 in the city and 35 on the highway that's running on regular gas of course Subaru says with an 18 gallon gas tank you're going to go about six hundred and eighty miles on a full tank.  The turbo is rated at a still impressive 24 in the city and 32 on the highway that's practically matching the fuel economy as something like the Honda Accord two liter turbo and a Camry. Keep in mind all 2020 Subaru Legacies are standard with the company's symmetrical all wheel drive which has been retooled this year to add more torque vectoring especially at the rear axles and all goes out through a continuously variable transmission. The Turbo model has a unique high torque CVT which has been designed to cope with the extra hundred pound feet of torque.  It weighs about 150 pounds less.

2020 Subaru Legacy Styling

They never used to operate touring on the legacy. I'll also be driving a sport model, and later that has some black accents really the biggest change you're gonna notice are the or is the grill and the slightly tweaked headlights is the Subaru hexagonal grill. It's got a slightly new look to it with the chrome slot at the upper portion of the border is kind of gone from the Grizzlies Hawkeye headlights which by the way these full ATV headlights are going to be standard you'll have an elegy loan Heidi the signature C shape already running late.  This is an incandescent turn signal and then if you guys go for the sport trims it up you'll have LCD fog lights here at the lower fascia this touring model has a little bit more chrome around the fog like vessels around the grill. 

Things don't really get much more stylish when you look at the side profile of the new legacy it has a very traditional sedan shape to it. And this is where obviously you got to notice the big differences from this and the outback which is its station wagon crossover cousin Subaru says it because it's moved to the new global product architecture. They did increase the overall length by about an inch and a half but at one hundred and ninety point six inches long this is still a couple inches shorter than something like the new Honda Accord or a Toyota Camry the wheelbase actually stays the same at one hundred eight point three inches long. So it's a little bit shorter than most of the competition. Now Subaru offers a choice between a 17 inch steel wheel that you got on the base model it's a hubcap or you can go up to got to an 18 inch wheel. This X teetering come standard with these 18 inch machine finished wheels would like the black. Painted pockets. They're wrapped in 225 with tire. So these wheels and tires are very conservative even the new sport trim still only has an 18 inch. Well when I asked Subaru why don't they do a 19 inch wheel. They basically said it was up to the design team in Japan. Subaru is very conservative with changing the wheels making them larger because this is supposed to be a more practical car it shouldn't also ride terribly which is what their answer was.

Now you can distinguish this as the Touring model because it has chrome finish on the mirrors. They also have turn signals these mirrors are also power folding which is nice the sunroof is also included if you guys go for the sport trims and up there's no no roof. Unfortunately Subaru doesn't offer a painter roof and with this new generation they have upgraded the suspension it's still double wishbone on the front struts in the back. They've been re-tuned for a better ride quality Super says this is the stiffest and sporty ascribing legacy that they've ever offered Outback. You will see the most styling changes for this generation versus the. Previous generation the talents had been reworked although their basic shape hasn't really changed.

As you can see they're kind of an incandescent LCD combination. Here the turn signal here is an LCD. The brake light Axon here is also just incandescent. You'll know that this is the X teach him because it says Turing XY on the back. There's also a limited XY which will say limited x. But in case you guys missed the badge if you look underneath here the X T turbo models are the only ones to get a dual outlet exhaustive. These are actually real exhaust tips to you guys go for the base 2.5 you'll just have a hidden exhaust which is underneath the rear bumper. You also will find a nicely integrated rear parking sensors on this talking trim and you also have a backup camera which will obviously be supplemented by the front camera that you get on this particular touring on the trunk.

2020 Subaru Legacy Utility

Subaru says that the trunk capacity measures a pretty good fifteen point one cubic feet of space.  The actual space hasn't increased much over the previous generation which was like 15 but because we're on that new Subaru global product architecture they said they've been able to make this opening larger where you could fit for full size roller bags into this trunk. As you can see the seats still fall down in a 60 40 manner. And if you look underneath the cargo floor you get a temporary spare tire.

All right. So it's time to look at the interior of the new 2020 legacy because remember the outside doesn't look all that different. Here's the key fob for the vehicle if you guys want their smart key access system with push button start you have to go for at least the sport trim it's optional on the premium trim as part of a package but this touring as you can see as you approach the door handle it's got these chrome accented door handles if you touch it right there that will lock the doors for you and as I said before the touring includes electrically folding mirrors when you want to unlock the door or just touch the back of the handle and that will unlock the door for you. hope you guys like brown leather because that's the only option you guys get with the touring trim. This is actually a Napa grade leather and this is the only trim that gives you ventilated seats.

So these are heated and cooled and you also have a 10 way power driver with a two person memory as you can see the steering wheel it's the same stairwell. The Brown is kind of accentuated throughout the dashboard and the door panels, it all looks very nice. Subaru has really stepped up the interior. This is where they invest a lot of money as opposed to the exterior. Now stepping into this vehicle you can see it definitely sits lower than the outback because the outback has eight point seven inches of ground clearance. This has probably like three inches less than when you shut the door. It has a nice solid sound too. Remember this is the Subaru global platform now. You want to start the vehicle up just put your foot on the brake. Push this button to fire up the engine.  The gauges actually do a very nice sweep. They have like a little three and a half inch helper screen in the center over there and the engine.

Now I really like the interior of this touring grade trend with the genuine leather and stitching on the dashboard on the lower part of the dash. It's a soft touch injection molded plastic on this upper portion here.

The steering wheel also is still telescoping. It looks very nice. It also feels really nice in your hands it has all these buttons over here you have a heated steering wheels all in this trim the door panel here a soft touch as I said all four windows are one touch.

2020 Subaru Legacy Technology

So Subaru is really upping their game here in terms of premium tech features but really the highlight of this interior which Subaru says they designed this new eleven point six inch infotainment system first.  The 2020 Subaru Legacy Touring also includes embedded navigation and it has Apple car play and Android Auto. Now one thing that Subaru said they wanted this screen to be very quick. So it's technically got powerful processors that controls the upper level unit here and one that controls the lower unit going over to the home screen and you can see there's your "Subaru Starlink" apps where you can customize. Going to the maps you can see this is the TomTom G.P.S. that they've always partnered with. If you want it to take up the entire full screen you can use the embedded nav if you go to the apple cart play and only kicks up that little tiny portion of the screen and you can also make this little eyebrow part here the top portion go away if you guys like as well. Subaru also kept some hard buttons and knobs, so there's a volume knob and a tuning knob and buttons for your dual zone climate control your cooled seats are good they're in the actual screen over here which is nice. The response is also quick. I like it a lot.

I think that Subaru did a really good job going to your actual media. You can see here it does include satellite radio.  You have two USB ports and you have an electronic parking brake. So overall I like the infotainment system a lot. It also has a rear automatic braking. Subaru Eyesight is going to be standard on the 2020 Subaru Legacy.  You do have steering trajectory adjustment feature and parking sensors in the back. You'd also has a front camera for this particular one which if you want to get to the front camera. You have to push this button over here and that will bring you bring up the front camera over there and then when you put the vehicle's reverse into giving it it'll bring up the rear camera. So again very cool but super doesn't offer the entire 360 camera system like they do on or like on some competitors. Now this little area right here is for the driver focused meter or driver focused monitor that will actually watch your face and pay attention if you're dozing off or if you're on your phone and let you know when you're doing that.

They be mirror here I like how it's a famous design. It's very nice. The eyesight system as you can see the two cameras over there. You have a standard sized sunroof over here which is good but Subaru doesn't offer a panto roof over here. You'll find your cup holders and then you have two tiered storage over here for the center console by the way. That is a C.D. player. It's actually included on the tour in great trim because Subaru says a lot of customers were complaining that they wanted to keep the C.D. player but just keep in mind this is the only time to get the C.D. player standard. It's optional a dealer sensory on the other trims also a wireless charge phone charger would be right here if you guys got the accessory that the dealer offers the seats. I think they're actually very comfortable and supported. I was in the sport model earlier with the cloth the Napa leather and here feels good. You also have an adjustable thigh extender on the driver's side. The leather is nice and supple. I like the cool seats. They work well the glove box as you can see is pretty big. It's damped and lined with felt. So overall the interior if you guys knew the Outback New interior it's nice. I can't wait to see this bigger screen implemented on other supers. But this to me feels very luxurious very Volvo like. So I think Subaru did a really great job on the interior.

Now hopping into the back seat of the legacy remember. This is the company's midsize sedan and Subaru actually increased the space back here significantly this year. You measure around are they off they say it has around thirty nine point five inches of legroom that's actually more than what you're gonna get in most of the competition and about an inch and a half more than what you got in the previous generation model. So the legacy is definitely no longer the midsize sedan that has less back seat than some competitors this is pretty much at the top of the segment the floor here is not completely flat but because the vehicle does feel nice inpatients in here you do get more room to actually fit three people across. Now in terms of features this touring trim has to level heated back seats you have to USP charging ports back here. You have your own set of rear seat belts which is nice you have to map pockets and then you have a little armrest here that folds down. I also really like the Napa leather back here. It's just as soft and as subtle as what you get in the front seats. So that means we get black wheels a little spoiler on the back and something else. Did they say anything else that was that I forgot to talk about.

I mean they added about seven horsepower with this one but it still makes its presence known because of the Boxer engine.

But it actually feels decent. Off the line. Subaru basically says you'll get to 60 in about 8.4 seconds. A half second improvement over the old one, which it's not bad.

This is perfectly fine for people who go looking for a commuter car. I think it's perfectly fine. Period. That is a really good value for money.

So after a lot or we get to the lunch about we're gonna swap into the turbo engine and obviously that's the one I'm more excited to drive. But you know most people buy the base engine for a base engine. This is the only trim that has the drive mode so it has the sports sharp motor s hashtag. We asked Subaru why couldn't they do a 19 and they just said that it's something that their Japanese team doesn't like to do. They don't like to mess with big wheels and tires because it affects the ride quality durability and stuff.  Overall the 2.5 is perfectly adequate for most buyers but let's hop into the turbo.

I like when I put my foot down and it goes right into the mid-range it like shoves you back in the seat versus past like versus the base engine was just like come on we're waiting for it to go. You want a nice twisty road to run it on.

I think that Subaru obviously they tune this combination to be for comfort but you know they also wanted to give it the speed aspect.

It doesn't do the shifts when you do the launch. But out of this is definitely a drive that is incredible. I like what it is good and the suspension is very comfortable very soft. Like when you're on the highway you really are just that highway cruising speed.

So I mean this thing has a lot of improvements to it versus the outback obviously I enjoy driving driving this more. It feels now it feels faster for sure when I put my foot down but it's not there. In terms of handling. Yeah I mean in terms of visibility you can see out of it really well that's always been a Subaru hallmark. The seats are comfy don't really hug you in place much but you know you got the eyesight standard you got blind spot monitoring reverse automatic braking as Sanders so all the safety stuff is there all the tech is there the comfort is there but I'm just sad because Subaru used to offer like a legacy 2.5 G T spec B which was like a grown up w x SDI. Yeah and I just want Subaru to offer that again like you were asking for a little bit of W R X DNA. I was I was a little bit. Not it's not there but it's still very comfortable and fast enough for most people with how much the shares of the Outback.

I don't think it was ever supposed to be. This car was never supposed.

W.R. expound which is interesting because remember earlier today you asked Don from Zuber that which cars are which cars right on the Subaru global platform. He just said the BRC. But he forgot that the SDI and W Rex aren't on the platform either. He's at the center. Yeah. They're still based on the old w r Impreza platform. Right. Because super hasn't come out with the newest one yet which just should be coming out for 2021. So I'll be interesting to see when super does move those two because they have no performance cars on this platform yet. Sure. But let's talk about the pricing really quick because this car starts at twenty two thousand seven hundred dollars which is apparently 200 dollars and more expensive than the old one. And it's very negligible price increase. It's four grand cheaper than an outback. Like how did they do that. I asked Subaru how they did that and they said it's because the auto drive system isn't as sophisticated doesn't have the x mode and the suspension doesn't have as much ground class. It's not it's not as expensive because it's not a crossover. It's not designed to handle heavy loads but still it's a really affordable car is actually cheaper than a Camry and of course by 1000 bucks. 

You're getting all wheel drive standard you're getting autonomous emergency braking lanes centers this lane centering during an adaptive cruise control those things are all standards right.

This is definitely one of the most appealing mainstream all wheel drive sedans.  And unlike the Altima you can get the turbo and all wheel drive together. the 2020 Subaru Legacy doesn't look all that new on the outside and it's one of the best cabins you can get in the mainstream midsize sedan segment. The new chassis means that it's stiffer it's more fun to drive it rides nicer. It's quiet on the inside remember Subaru said that they made this the quietest legacy ever with more sound name materials and the engines the base 2.5 is certainly adequate for most buyers but with the turbo engine as you guys saw this thing is quick in fact I'd say it feels like a zero sexy time in the mid to high five second range because remember this is 150 pounds lighter than the outback and even though this car isn't sporty enough for me I wish that Subaru had pushed the needle further into offering something like a successor to the old legacy 2.5 GTI spec B which honestly that car only came with a manual was a very one off car. Subaru is trying to pull in more premium buyers and they certainly have achieved that.


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